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It also adds some heft to product known for its sleek design, along with the extra energy oomph

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"If the runway goes ahead, from my kitchen window, I will be looking out at the airport's new boundary fence," he says

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"We are becoming constructive in this sector because we expect oil higher in price over the next 12 months or so," Ivascyn added

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Addressing that aspect of the probe in a news conference on Monday, Bowdich said

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With only three ships, the class of destroyers could become something of a technology demonstration project, he said.

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Ride-sharing users, on the other hand, are not an organized group with the time for protests or the incentive to donate large sums to politicians

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He said the league first learned of the incident late Monday.

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This left me isolated and afraid

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"I thought I had to get involved as much as a homage to Maurice Wilkes and to give something back because they have given so much to me, really," he said

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Not even the lowly Titans (3-9) should be overlooked given the Jets’ see-saw first three months

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Because the earliest incarnation of Red Robin was still a bar, the food menu was limited, to say the least

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To get the most accurate dating for the rocks holding these fossils, Marsicano and her team took samples from the basin and crushed them to extract zircon crystals left behind by volcanic eruptions

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"Throughout the writing of this report, the difficult journeys of mothers, babies, families and women with gynaecological symptoms in Ireland was central

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If you’re thirsty, we’ll pour you a glass of tea

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“I was serious with JPP,” said Coughlin, straight-faced

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Daniel Sosin is now serving as acting director of the select agent division, according to a CDC statement

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In a BBC Radio 4 interview, Dave Nellist was asked about accusations that the 66 Labour MPs who voted with the government in support of air strikes had been "bullied"

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Please note that comments are monitored by staff

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If Nicole's pick isn't for you though, see the carousel below for similar alternatives by the likes of Blue Life, Vivienne Westwood and Beach Bunny.

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Near Hovenweep National Monument, they abandoned the truck and headed out into the canyon country on foot

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The 30-second spot alludes to the heightened state of alert in the U.S., based on the Islamic State-backed attack last month in Paris

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Make sure you and your friends know what to do in an emergency and know where the medical tent is located

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The Tsarnaev brothers behind the Boston marathon bombing immigrated to the United States

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Record-breaking amounts of rain fell in Cumbria - the worst-hit county - prompting it to declare a major incident

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It was the best of times; it was the worst of times

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The appeals court said that regardless of who was behind the door, Pistorius should have known someone could be killed if he fired multiple times