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Sacramento Kings' Rajon Rondo, left, drives past Houston Rockets' James Harden during the first half of an NBA basketball game Saturday, Dec

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"This is known, in engineering terms, as fatigue strength and is useful for measuring how quickly something that endures repeated stress will fail

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"It's easy for both people to think they understand the dynamic without having really discussed anything

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The relationship lasted for three years.

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I’m proud of our technology base and of MIT and other colleges and universities that give us a knowledge-based economy

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Miley was the guy who made the most sense.”

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But, he added, "We have learned and believe that both subjects were radicalized and had been for quite some time."

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His eyes were rolled back and his body was completely limp," Botha said

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He was told it was most likely because it was new.

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Microbiome: For his Return Minus Zero day (R-0) Microbiome session, Yui collected saliva samples Saturday, Sunday and today

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The April 18 date for sentencing will allow the Constitutional Court time to decide whether it will take Pistorius' case, said prosecution spokesman Luvuyo Mfaku

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An attendee dressed in a "fursuit" costume sits in the lap of a man at the Midwest FurFest in the Chicago suburb of Rosemont, Illinois, United States, December 4, 2015

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Robert Schiller, chair of family medicine at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center and chief medical officer for the Institute for Family Health in New York.

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However, it does not seem, at this stage, that Pistorius' legal team is going down that route.

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Motte missed 2013 after Tommy John surgery.

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In addition to playing professional basketball, Mr James has his own shoe line with Nike as well as a production company

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"It's soon going to be out of money

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That group likely includes millennials, a key demographic for the long-term success of the president’s signature health-care law

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“No inquiry, as we know, can undo what has happened, nor can it restore what we have lost

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He took the stand Tuesday as the state's 16th witness in the trial of William Porter, one of six officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray.

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Once it's yours, team it with a simple camisole like Mollie, or button it up and go topless beneath for a sexy yet sophisticated vibe

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Cristiano Ronaldo plays a delightful ball in from the right-hand side which is turned in by the Frenchman

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That gives dinosaurs a lot less time to show up, but they managed it anyway.

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At some point one in three would become a standard.

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A video created by American computing giant IBM aimed to "reengineer misperceptions about women in tech, and to focus on what really matters in science"

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Jihadists online repeatedly warned the weekly would pay forits mockery

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Back then, the Girl Scouts ranked 83rd among U.S

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Ryan said he did not want to rush the massive appropriations bill to the House floor and that lawmakers should have time to review it

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At first I didn't have MMS on T-Mobile and no matter how many APNs I tried, I couldn't get it to work

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The stock is down 20 percent so far in 2015 as the food chain struggles with the fallout from an E

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27 in Monticello, only hours before andabout 60 miles from where his car was found

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Why have there been so few attacks There are several reasons, including sheer distance and air travel controls that make it hard for any foreign assailants to get themselves into position

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A 41-yard kickoff return plus a 15-yard facemask penalty on J.J

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Video shows the militants sharpening a machete before presenting the men and preparing them for death

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