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The ad comes within 24 hours of Trump's call for halting immigration of people who are Muslim

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In 2010, Stewart took up their cause, dedicating an entire show to the issue

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And we're going to do whatever it is.”

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If I got to choose, though, the statuette would go to Raul Malo and the Mavericks.

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"Jailers were given an open licence to do anything, even to kill

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Russia has asked the United Nations Security Council to hold closed-door discussions, due later on Tuesday, on Turkish military action in both Iraq and Syria.

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Congress has been so stubborn in its response to climate change because the American people have been so divided about the priority that climate change deserves

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That was really the 1st time it was used, to my knowledge

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Before becoming a journalist, Shuli conducted quantitative equity research at Lehman Brothers, and later Barclays Capital

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During cross-examination of the prosecution's witnesses, his attorney questioned why most of the women didn't come forward until police identified them as possible victims

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Only a few teams seem willing to go there

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The report said Coleman struggled and yelled at one of the officers, "Don't touch me, devil"

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"At the segregated universities, I think students concentrate better, spend less time showing off," says Mayhoub

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Krystian Cieslak works for Ifinity a start-up that has developed an app which helps the visually impaired to navigate in an urban setting and visit public offices

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1 letter to investors in his Astenbeck Capital Management hedge fund, which was headed for its worst year after losing 26 percent through November.

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Around the same time, the Taliban belatedly confirmed that their elusive and longtime leader Mullah Omar had died in a hospital in Karachi, Pakistan in April 2013

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But the total decline of about 116,000 barrels per day was less than a tenth of the projected global oversupply in crude.

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"The way you control competitors is through violence

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An extra 21m had been allocated for social services.

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The presidential contender said it was "stunning that we are less than an hour from the White House and the United States Congress."

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"Thank you to France, and thank you to everyone in the world who continues to prove that love, joy, and music will always overcome terror and evil

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He also denied that his brother Burak might have transported oil from lands controlled by Islamic State.

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It's is not the first time people have tried to coin new pronouns

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Confidenti@l spotted the daughter of Sarah Ferguson enjoying a quiet brunch with boyfriend Dave Clark in a cozy corner of the SoHo House on Saturday

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The proposed laws - agreed by MEPs and ministers from the 28 EU countries - will also apply to some tech firms

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Port auctions, permitted under a 2012 law, were delayed foryears because of objections from a federal auditor

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"It is right to extend the benefits of the ban on smoky coal nationwide

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"I feel like he was very good at concealing everything from all of us

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coli tied to Chipotle has sickened 52 people in nine states so far

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