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“However, they have not been directly detected to date because they are so tiny”, the ESA explained in a statement posted on its website

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(See ya, Northwest, AirTran and US Airways)

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That was the beginning of a purge which led ultimately to three Militant MPs being expelled from the Labour Party for their membership of "a party within a party"

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“Christmas is a busy time of year and your home will be full of weird and wonderful foods and objects your dog doesn’t normally encounter (not to mention guests)

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We wanted a mortgage we could afford on a single salary."

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Each organization may vary in its communication endeavors, scope of events and attendance trackers

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It was closed in 2013 following raids by the FBI and other agencies.

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There, the government assumed control of the quarter after about 2,000 rebels were granted safe passage to opposition areas north of Homs

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One theory is that he is targeting opulent, oversized homes that have been replacing the neighborhood's modest dwellings

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You'll get the most out of it if you can team up with four players you trust — which can be a tall order for even the most sociable gamer

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Sabha was liberated on 20 September and they only made it two days later

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"And there are still many geopolitical questions around the world

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Other famous - and better behaved - customers of the tailor included author Bram Stoker, Prussian Prime Minister Prince Otto von Bismarck, American banker J.P

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I do wish the Grammys would simplify things and limit this category to songs performed by the writer

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"Remember, this is just a football game, no matter who wins or loses," Cosell told TV viewers

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But programmers also fear the packages could become so popular that they undercut current, more profitable deals with cable companies.

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Those who want to steal Mollie's style will need a cool 3285 to hand

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Sixty dollars a barrel is where a lot of US producers would have liked to hedge their 2016 production

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Many companies have built business models around oil prices of $50 a barrel, so if prices remain lower “there’s definitely room for costs to come down,” it said.

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But perhaps when the agreement that the bigwigs hammer out in Paris fails to deliver, the world can finally approach the problem with a cooler head

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I could live with the less functional apps for the most part, but not when it cost me $711 out of my pocket.

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As mentioned above, the 7-foot Nowitzki largely struggled in his debut NBA season after going ninth overall to the Mavs in 1998

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"I was a good student but I lost the motivation and I wanted to get some money quickly," Angel tells me when we meet in a cafe in the city of Murcia

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"For the first time ever, our federal education law will recognize the importance of early learning with the grant program that we have put in place

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"There is always going to be an element of abuse, but the Football Association is working hard to put this right

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The euro edged up to $1.0897 from $1.0843 late Monday

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Reports say Malik attended a high-profile religious seminary for women in Multan run by Al-Huda International Welfare Foundation

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It can navigate uneven terrain and detect faces

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Oliver Jennrich, a scientist working on the LISA Pathfinder mission, the biggest challenge for the project is the light from the sun that hits the satellite and pushes it around

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"That means these centres must be able to take in enough people and hold them for the time required ..

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Besides, 40 people associated with schools, housing associations and community groups were interviewed for the study.

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Federal Reserve, that would bolster investor confidence in both its independence and the new government's economy czar, Mehmet Simsek.

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