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Ask Siri for directions or use a third-party app that serves up navigation, and Apple Maps is the app that gets triggered.

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Sadly in Mara the pastoralists are entering the reserve nightly to graze livestock, so of course lions get killed," Kahumbu said.

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During cross-examination of the prosecution's witnesses, his attorney questioned why most of the women didn't come forward until police identified them as possible victims

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airlines remain: Southwest, Delta, United and American

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Hassan had been fighting with al-Shabab but recently went online to urge others to carry out violence on behalf of IS

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This meant that it was not as secure as it should have been

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Emergent service workers are also often younger, live in urban areas, and have low economic capital but higher levels of social and "emerging" cultural capital.

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Automakers would receive partial credit for advanced technologies that are not standard on all versions of individual vehicles.

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Leon Jennion knows all too well that Heathrow Airport is operating at maximum capacity

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Coach and Acne in particular have been owning it this winter when it comes to shearling outerwear, but when you cannot afford the real deal then faux is the next best thing

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His "little hamlet", close to work, has been victim to blight for 10 years

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The chief of police told reporters it was possible the person who opened fire was involved in a bank robbery and carjacking before the shooting:

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However, it does not seem, at this stage, that Pistorius' legal team is going down that route.

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Five days after the shooting, San Bernardino was slowly returning to normal life

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They found that administering EPPS for a week improved how well mice performed on maze tests, and cleared amyloid plaques from the animals’ brains.

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It has a 52-man crew and can spend 45 days at sea before needing to go to port.NATO has called this type of submarine a “black hole” for its ability to remain undetected.

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What was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for and more importantly it's not what this country stands for," the Wisconsin Republican said at a press conference with House GOP leaders.

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Anglo is also looking to offload 60pc of its assets – be they mines or smelting facilities – or to close them down if they aren’t making money and a buyer can’t be found

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"So just put up with me in bandages for one more week and then I won't do it again, I promise."

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He made history by becoming the first amputee sprinter to compete at the Olympics, in 2012, running on prosthetic "blades".

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In 1962 a witch is imprisoned in the Scottish highlands where she’s accused of sorcery and murder

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Why should OPEC have a ceiling”

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I don't see my friends as often as I would like and I miss nights out, but they are very supportive and tell me they are proud of me.

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Step forward the facilities manager of De Beers’ London office, who will now have to rustle up extra desks to accommodate the 300 or so head office staff of parent company Anglo American.

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It said forces fired warning shots to disperse them

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"There are only Jewish houses burning so that tells you something

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Several black Illinois lawmakers are asking the U.S

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Marks native Ada Calhoun profiles the hippie haven famous for its countless artistic and political movements

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Woods and Doherty died there while defending the annex from the rooftop

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But Chelsea would drop into the Europa League if it loses to Porto and Dynamo Kiev beats Maccabi Tel Aviv, which has no points from five games.