1st Open Multi-Stakeholder Meeting Working Document: A compilation of the Preliminary Results of the AQUAMED Project's Data Collection Exercise

Working Document (Updated file - April 2013)

A Compilation of the Preliminary Results of the AQUAMED Project Data Collection ExerciseNovember 2012

What is this working document?

In support of the creation of a multi-stakeholder platform (MSHP), the AQUAMED partnership carried out a mapping exercise at a country level in order to gain a better understanding of the profile of each country with regards to research capacity, research projects, type of production and governance/socio-economic characteristics. The work is intended to feed into other aspects of the project activities where it is being analysed to help identify synergies, needs, constraints as well as priority areas for future cooperation/collaboration.

Enclosed in this booklet is a draft extract of the results of the data collection per country. It is not a final product, rather a work in progress and is only intended to stimulate debate during this workshop.The document is also intended to demonstrate the benefits of carrying out an ongoing mapping process in the future to support any future MSHP in the Mediterranean.


Algelia Data Collection                          Egypt Data Collection                          Israel Data Collection                          Spain Data Collection


Croatia Data Collection


France Data Collection


Italy Data Collection


Turkey Data Collection


Cyprus Data Collection


Greece Data Collection


Morocco Data Collection


Tunisia Data Collection


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