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In April, the department issued a proposal that would require brokers who offer retirement investment advice to put their investors’ financial interests above their own

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However, the Lumia Offers app keeps reporting errors so I'm not sure if the limited quantity is actually gone or if it's just another example of a failed Microsoft piece of software

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As a result, it has become much harder for the group to maintain its narrative of invincibility, particularly as it begins to be pushed back in Iraq, in particular.

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If Anglo was starting from scratch, that collection would provide a solid core.

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But the Hurricanes have been doing something out of the ordinary the past few games

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Polls will open at 08:00 local time (07:00 GMT)

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They did not identify which student was shot or any other injuries either student may have suffered.

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He is not the subject or any lawsuits and is not under a criminal investigation, he told the Daily Beast.

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Written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the musical tells the true story of Alexander Hamilton, a Founding Father and the nation's first treasury secretary

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The approval of the recommendations by the board gives the public, staff, pregnant women and patients’ certainty for the immediate future.

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Brandon Smith, an independent freelance journalist, was one of more than a dozen reporters to to request the tape

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Being left handed, Young’s game can come off as a little unorthodox as the Nets love to throw him in post position against smaller wings or slower fours

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In Syria, the West did even worse by encouraging the opposition to rise up against President Bashar al-Assad without backing them sufficiently to finish the job

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For example, the repair and maintenance of aircraft saw a colossal 21.5% month-on-month contraction."

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Comparisons with competitors are hard to make

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Alongside the euro - the European Union's single currency - it has become a potent symbol of the "European project".

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Saturday, Ruff gave them the day off

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It remains unknown how long the network will be down for, and when full service will be resumed.

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The Nasdaq composite slipped 10 points, or 0.2 percent, to 5,111.

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He has shown a proclivity toward insulting people with no penalty, from saying a storied Vietnam veteran, Senator John McCain, is not a hero to blasting Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

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Women usually orient themselves along a route to get there, for example, 'Go past the hairdresser and then up the street and turn right after the store.’"

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BALTIMORE—On a typical morning, the first to wake is 6-month-old Nathaniel

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In UK, about 50% of antibiotics are used in farming.

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Instead of calculating how hard the screen is pressed, the Android version of Instagram gauges on the duration of the press

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"The market is open for the Russians," said Marcelo Assalin, head of emerging debt at NN Investment Partners

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The front facing camera and iris scanner are located above the display

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It also explores the social conscience of some Wall Streeters who know every trade has two sides — winners and losers.

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Hubbell and Donohue qualified for their first Grand Prix Final.

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Al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front fighters carry their weapons on the back of a pick-up truck during the release of Lebanese soldiers and policemen in Arsal, eastern Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, December 1, 2015

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Drake's booty call groove, "Hotline Bling," was chosen by the network's staff as the best song of the year.

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A 41-yard kickoff return plus a 15-yard facemask penalty on J.J

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