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And Democrats in Congress are actually bringing up new bills on guns.
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Miraculously, no officers or civilians were seriously hurt.
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24, the day before Esteves was takeninto custody at his hometown of Rio de Janeiro.
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He has also secreted himself inside a fake rock placed at the side of the road with a peep hole for his eyes.
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Logan was a kindergartner at Simmons Elementary in Versailles
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Chad's government in November imposed a state of emergency in the area.
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The initiative came as negotiators gathered in Paris try toreach an accord on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and isintended to go beyond the often vague promises of corporateaction on the issue.
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His predecessor, John Boehner, was often criticized for quickly moving secretly negotiated spending deals to House floor votes without sufficient input from rank-and-file members.
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"It's easy for both people to think they understand the dynamic without having really discussed anything
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WASHINGTON (AP) — Obama administration officials on Tuesday defended the innovative design of a $1 billion U.S
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doesn’t let facts get in the way of its climate agenda, and UNICEF didn’t
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Unlike most of Trump's television interviews, this one was to be conducted in person at Trump's office building in New York.
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His eyes were rolled back and his body was completely limp," Botha said
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From age 9 to 13, Robbins was the voice of Charlie Brown in a series of 1960s animated classics, including "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."
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For example, one company has pledged to reduce water usage by up to 80 percent
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The engine-room fire disabled the Bahamian-flagged Carnival Triumph in the Gulf of Mexico, leaving it adrift with more than 4,000 passengers and crew aboard
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"The main cause is from decreased coal use in China
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The April 18 date for sentencing will allow the Constitutional Court time to decide whether it will take Pistorius' case, said prosecution spokesman Luvuyo Mfaku
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Robert Schiller, chair of family medicine at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center and chief medical officer for the Institute for Family Health in New York.
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Three-quarters of the way through the year, the Jets have met or exceeded most preseason expectations
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The market will clear eventually, but right now it still seems like we have a glut of oil."
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It gets its name from the idea that barbells have all the weight at opposite ends of the lifting bar.
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"Keep your eyeballs peeled because maybe we're in for a decadal shift."
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Erika Christakis is a well-regarded instructor, and the university’s leadership is disappointed that she has chosen not to continue teaching in the spring semester
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There's a big difference between the two, which should be obvious to anyone who doesn't think that the only thing that makes the world dangerous is that there are just too many guns in it
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Chris Christie said "we do not need to resort to that type of activity."
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Norway is one of the world's most prosperous nations with per capital GDP in excess of $100,000 but the fortunes of remote Lofoten, 1,000 kilometres (600 miles) north of Oslo, have been mixed
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Spain, on the other hand, is debating whether to fight for the treasure, given its position as the original ship owner.
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De Beers and its partners produce a third of the world's diamonds by value, employing more than 20,000 people around the world.
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We cannot cull our population for the potentially homicidal
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The benefits taxis obtain from a successful lobby are large and concentrated: They restrict their competition and obtain higher profits
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The stock is down 20 percent so far in 2015 as the food chain struggles with the fallout from an E
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You can still achieve what you set your mind to when you have the right support.
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The FBI’s Minneapolis office also turned down a request for comment.
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“Our guys don’t blink,” Dallas coach Jason Garrett said
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But in an unexpected move, President Vladimir Putin offereda restructuring deal last month that would allow Ukraine annualrepayments of $1 billion for the next three years, starting in2016
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In the weeks leading up to the ECB's meeting, speculators had increased bullish bets on the U.S
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But perhaps we can be comforted by the fate of the Colorado fugitives
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It unveiled what it called a “radical” restructuring on Dec
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In his 15 years of undercover journalism he has among other disguises, posed as a female investor in high heels, sunglasses and lipstick, and a janitor in a brothel
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Either way, "the consistency from batch to batch is quite uncertain," he says.
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Windows Phone 7 was rock solid so I expected the same here with Windows 10 Mobile
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Drag the finger over one of the share buttons to instantly share it without even having to lift the finger.
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Once people swipe down on their mobile apps to refresh their content, the timeline of posts goes back into reverse chronological order.