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It's a place of tension as defenders hear barricades being blasted in the distance and the attackers methodically check blind spots as they enter the room
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However the Welsh Government says it has allocated an extra 39.7m to schools, which would be mostly delivered within the local government budget
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in Sunset Park Monday night after being blasted on nearby 61st St., police and witnesses said.
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Boxer, Gillibrand and Hirono also said the Defense Department's procedures for tracking sexual assault cases may result in an underestimation of the problem
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Peter's Basilica and walked through, followed carefully by a frail Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI
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But Brock, who has witnessed the rediscovery of more than one rare British insect years after it was thought long gone, still holds a vigil for the cicada
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"Compared to the control group of children, we found no significant differences in mental development among children exposed to chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery alone or no treatment
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Trump supporters have made it abundantly clear how they feel about the rest of the world.
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Mollie's jacket is by Ralph Lauren Black Label and we love it
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That's roughly the same amount projected to be spent on all of defense that year or on all of nondefense federal programs other than entitlements.
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It was a great team win (Sunday), but today starts our shift
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That’s both where the company currently offers their own insurance plans, and among the areas where the Obama administration has identified as targets for their outreach operations.
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"We had a checkpoint just outside Sabha
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The following month it said it was in talks to award the contract, without an open competition, to a company called RT-Invest Transport Systems, which had been specially created for the contract.
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An AP team found most businesses still closed, their metal shutters marked with shrapnel and bullet holes
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The US electric car manufacturer points out that the average household uses more electricity in the morning and evening than during the day, when solar energy is plentiful
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In many cases, the flu is a bad week or two for the individual, but if you combine it with other risk factors there can be real trouble.
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The government will invest 150 billion won ($127.72 million) over the next five years for research and development of key technologies
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“We do not have any further details on the discussions at this time,” Jhunjhunwala said
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does not protect itself against extremists.
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"Uzbekistan is the state with a bright future" is its main propaganda slogan, so discussing social problems is a taboo.
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Initially down asmuch as 3.3 percent, the S&P 500 oil sector was down 1.2percent around midday.
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These goods funded battles against Britain in the War of Succession
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Then he said thousands of Muslims in New Jersey cheered during 9/11, despite no evidence.
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Once complete it will become a living exhibit at The National Museum of Computing where it will be used to help teach schoolchildren about programming.
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specialrapporteur on the human right to safe drinking water andsanitation, said in a statement.
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They will do that only at the very last minute when they have no choice because it will be the biggest gamechanger for them as they will start to eat into their cash horde for the first time.
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She has submitted a paper to an academic journal noting arguing that the Pacific may be in store for another 20 years or more of warmer sea surface temperatures.
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The hubs are what Regus terms the 'third place' for workers, the first and second being the office and the home
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Not to downplay anyone else in the category, but he's just got one of those voices you can listen to forever, and as the writer, he's able to impart an extra depth to the tune.
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Staffing agency ManpowerGroup said in a separate report Tuesday that 20 percent of 11,000 employers it surveyed expect to add workers in the first quarter of 2016.
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