AQUAMED Management Structure

  • The Scientific coordinator will monitor the delivery of the output of the WPs. He keeps records of the outcome of task implementation and he insures that the proper linkage among WPs and contributors to the WPs are operative. He proposes the necessary measures to the Steering and Management Committees to take decision.
  • The Steering Committee (SC) will be in charge of the survey of the project, especially the relevance of the whole process to the objectives.
  • The Management Committee (MC) will be in charge of assisting the Coordinator on the global management of the project. He will assist the Coordinator in implementing the decisions of the SC, especially respecting of the timetable, facilitating communication between the WP leaders. The MC will be chaired by the Coordinator of the Project and include with the WP leaders and the SC chair.
  • The WP leaders will be responsible for WP task organisation (scientific and financial), respecting the agenda especially the deliverables production, the delivery of results to the Coordinator and participation in the Steering and Management Committees. They will report to the SC and MC for respectively scientific and management issues.
  • E-FARO: To ensure a collective appraisal of the Mediterranean research objectives, the EFARO members decided to present themselves under the EFARO umbrella. EFARO will run the administrative aspects of the project.